Coping with Assault

If you a victim of assault
Questions you may have
Useful websites

If you are a victim of assault
It is a major shock to find yourself the victim of another person’s violent behaviour. Being hit, punched or kicked by another person is a serious stress to your body physically, as well as a major cause of psychological stress. If a weapon is used the injuries may be even more serious and the situation more traumatic. If several people attack you the experience may be even more frightening and distressing. If the perpetrator is someone you have known, or trusted, there may be many added emotional issues to deal with. You may have thought you were safe because there were others around, yet no one helped.

Questions you may have   

  • Who did this, and why me?
  • Why did no one help? 
  • Will I have to take time out of work?
  • How can I focus on my work, or my study? 
  • How can I pay the medical bills? 
  • How can I cope with being out and about again? 
  • How can I explain these injuries to other people? 
  • Could I have permanent scars? 
  • Will the Gardaí find these people?
  • How long will the investigation of this crime take? 
  • Will I have to go to court? 
  • Will I have to see my attacker in court? 
  • Can I make a victim impact statement? 
  • Do I need a solicitor?

Crime Victim Helpline is here to assist with support and information in relation to any of the issues that arise for you as a victim of crime. You can call us on our Helpline Free Phone 116 006, you can email us on, you can text us on 085 1337711, and we will call you back.

Useful websites  
Victim Support at Court will support you as a victim or witness through the court process, and accompany you to court if you wish.   Information on compensation for medical and out of pocket expenses, incurred because of injuries received in a violent crime.