What You Can Do

Remember you have experienced a stressful, or traumatic, event. It is important to recognise thatĀ painful feelings and emotions are a normal consequence of being a victim of crime. Be patient with yourself, and allow yourself to feel upset. Usually these feelings do not last. People are very resilient, and can cope with and recover from the effects of even the most serious crimes.

  • Give yourself time to recover and be good to yourself.
  • Spend time with friends/family, and do things that you enjoy.
  • Take time out to relax, to slow down, to bring a sense of calm to your life.
  • Talk about your feelings with someone you can trust.
  • Sometimes it may be helpful to talk to someone who is completely outside the situation.
  • Find out what supports and services are there for you.
  • Avoid doing anything that places more stress on you at this time.
  • Avoid making any major life decisions immediately after the crime.
  • If you are feeling very upset and unable to concentrate or sleep, it may be helpful to talk to a GP.
  • Take some exercise. It can help to bring down stress levels.
  • Consider safety measures that you can take to minimise the risk of something like this happening again.