Garda Liaison Service

About the Garda Liaison Service

Gardaí have established a number of liaison services to provide tailored support to victims.  You can avail of any of these services by contacting your local Garda Station.

 Garda Family Liaison Officers are appointed to provide support to victims of crime affected by traumatic crimes such as homicide, kidnap, false imprisonment, hostage siege situations and other serious crimes where this is deemed appropriate by the local Superintendent. The role of the Family Liaison Officer is to keep the victim informed on all matters relating to the crime and to provide practical information and support. Referrals can be made by the Garda FLO, with the consent of the victim, to ensure appropriate emotional and psychological support.

 Garda Ethnic Liaison Officers are trained to provide specific support and advice to victims of racist incidents.  If you report an incident of racism, the Gardaí will inform you of the designated Liaison Officer in your area.

 The Gardaí also provide a Liaison scheme for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community.  Officers are trained to provide support to victims from the LGBT community and encourage reporting of homophobic crime where appropriate.